Hello! My name is Dwayne Adams.
I enjoy creative thinking and design.



This is a gallery made of designs that have been created for multiple clients. Please click on the below images to see a zoomed in view of each item.


​Dwayne Adams is a Senior Designer who previously worked at WeMerge Magazine, B Hotels & Resorts­®, and Performance Hospitality in Fort Lauderdale. Now living in Orlando for the past 2 years, he has had the privilege of working with the US Navy and Giant Recreation World. With over 16 years of experience creating award-winning digital and print products, his work is a blend of several disciplines — Corporate Design, Editorial Design, UX Design, Video Design, and Creative Coding. He is also NAPP certified with Kelby Media Group.

He enjoys building teams and establishing new processes, having brought innovative design experiences to customers throughout the course of his career.

He is inspired by his peers and colleagues, emerging technology, new design techniques, and his daughter Ava Grace. He enjoys long bike rides, everything typography-related, and ‘90s video games.

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